8 PR Things To Do Over Summer Break

  1. th 1. Create LinkedIn (Or connect with more people)

Don’t have a LinkedIn? Make one! LinkedIn is a huge database of professionals where you can connect and talk to future employers and as we all know, PR is a networking business! Go make some connections that can benefit you in the future.


2. Update Your Resume

Now that you know more about your future career and have gained more experience it is time to add to your resume! Either adding new things that you learned and did, or making it more aesthetically pleasing!


Social-Media3. Clean Up Your Social Media

Do you swear on social media? Have up bad or embarrassing pictures? Anything your grandmother wouldn’t like? Get rid of it. Most employers will look into your social media when you are applying for jobs and you wouldn’t want them to see anything bad or embarrassing.

start-a-blog.jpg4. Create a Blog

If you don’t have a blog, it is a great way to showcase your writing skills and what you are passionate about. Even if you don’t want others to read your blogs yet you can start designing ideas and practice writings that way you have writing samples for the future.

icon_ebook5. Read some Articles

Learning about our future profession, how to personal brand, how to use social media efficiently and much much more! Here are some starting articles to look at! 7 Proven Ways to get Hired, Defining Your Personal Brand and How to Succeed as a Communications Major ! Looking for more? These are easy to find, I prefer looking at the articles through Pinterest!

Suit-28_056. Apply for/Look at Jobs and Internships

It is always good practice to keep up to date on future jobs or internships. If you find one you like and have the skills for, APPLY FOR IT! Even if you don’t get the position the experience of applying is valuable.

canva-logo7. Learn Some Graphic Design

Being well rounded is a skill that most employers look for. Being able to have basic knowledge or at the very least creativity will be useful! Try using Canva,  go through the tutorials and work on your own.

public-relations-manager-43668. Look into Recent Public Relation Campaigns

How did companies handle the crisis, get more customers, or change the attitudes of others? These are all things that you could be doing in the future. Collecting ideas and seeing how the top PR professionals are doing now  can only benefit you in the future.


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